Reasons To Undergo Lap Band Surgery

Obesity is a growing pandemic that is seeing many people stuck in a hopeless cycle of continually trying to lose weight and failing. In fact, in majority of cases where people fall off the wagon of their diet plan, they often end up gaining even more weight than when they begun. This means that many that start out overweight gradually inch tier way into obese and morbidly obese levels. The heavier they get, the bigger a struggle it becomes to try and shed the weight and alleviate the growing severity of health problems they face. To help those suffering this problem, many doctors recommend the use of lap band surgery. Click here for more details.

This is a bariatric surgery that helps to effectively accomplish long term weight loss. A band is used to constrict the stomach therefore reducing the volume of space available to hold food. This action makes the patient feel fuller on less food and for a longer period. This leads to lower intake of food and with a suitable treatment program can lead to introduction of physical fitness to help promote further weight loss. One of the reasons lap band surgery is so popular is because the procedure is minimally invasive. There are no incisions made or stapling done, simply an adjustable band put around the organ.

The success rate of this kind of bariatric surgery is very high and the weight loss results long lasting. Because adjustments can be made, the doctor can ensure that the patient is getting adequate nutrition. The rate of weight loss is kept steady over a long period of time with most patients losing up to 40% of their excess weight within the first year after surgery. With the gradual weight loss, patients also experience steady improvement to health, particularly for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Many end up no longer needing many of the medications they once needed to take daily.

Because there is no interference with the intestinal tract, there is still continued absorption of necessary nutrients. Following diet guidelines helps to ensure that no loss in muscle or bone mass is experienced. With time suitable adjustments are made to the lap band to help normalize the use of the stomach and once weight loss goals are reached, the device can be easily removed. The procedures involved n making adjustments and removal of the lap band are easily and quickly done at the doctor’s office.